Further Learning

The Malaria Journal

Nature Journal – Focus on Malaria

World Health Organisation (Malaria)

Wellcome Institute – Focus on Malaria

The Economist – Focus on Malaria

Malaria NGOs

Malaria No More

Malaria Foundation International

Roll Back Malaria

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Malaria

Nothing but Nets

Inspiration drawn from

Biblioteca Nacional Espana – Temporary Malaria Exhibition

Übersee museum, Bremen (Special Malaria Section)

Malaria exhibition from science museum of Washington.

The lifecycle of the Malaria Parasite

Malaria Hotspots – Children’s activities.

Nobel Prize Malaria Games

Bill Burns Exhibition – Everything I could buy on Ebay about Malaria


Pharmaceutical Companies working on Malaria

Bayer – The Enemy Called Malaria

Glaxo Smith Kline – The Malaria Challenge

Pfizer – Mobilize Against Malaria

BASF – Next-Generation Malaria Control

Roche – Producers of Larium (Mefloquine)

Eisai – Working Together To Fight Malaria With New Medicines

Astellas – Millennium Development Goals

Takeda – Takeda Initiative


Novartis – The Novartis Malaria Initiative

Sanofi-MalariaSanofi-Aventis – Impact Malaria



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