14 Jul

The Malaria Museum Library

Malaria and Quinine, 1927, Bureau for increasing the use of Quinine
Buzzing Children, 1997, Damian Morgen
Malaria – A handbook for health professionals, 2007, Malaria Consortium
Essential Malariology, 2003, David Warrell and Herbert Gilles
Malaria, Gold & Opium, 1932, Frithiof Melzer
Mosquito, 2001, Andrew Spielman and MIchael D’Antonio
Malaria – The biography of a killer, 1949, Leon J. Warshaw
Quinine – Malaria and the Quest for a cure that changed the world, 2003, F. Rocco
The Malaria Capers, 1993, Robert S. Desowitz
The Making of a Tropical Disease, 2007, Randall M Packard
Mosquitos, Malaria and Man, 1978, Gordon Harrison
Malaria Fleckfieber Pest, Erwin Schimitschek & Günther T.Werner
75 Jahre Resochin im Kampf gegen die Malaria, Markus Jensen & Heinz Mehlhorn
Expeditionen ins Reich der Seuchen, Johannes W.Grüntzig & Heinz Mehlhorn