07 May

Public lecture – Pt 1 – Dr. Vincent Kenny – ‘Malaria, Mosquitos and Man’ at TMB, 18.30 on 8th of May.

Following the successful opening of the Malaria Museum we are excited to launch the first in a series of public lectures given by specialist in the field of malaria, continuing to generate awareness about the fight for its eradication.
We begin with Dr. Vincent Kenny, speaking about ‘Malaria, Mosquitos and Man’ at TMB, 18.30 on 8th of May. All times will be listed on our website and facebook page. 
Talks_Pt 1_Vincent
Mosquitoes, Malaria and Man…….. 

Can’t live with them… they can’t live without us!

You probably know that it’s relatively simple to treat Malaria and you definitely know that it’s easy to kill a mosquito….so how come we can’t eradicate the disease?

Dr. Vincent Kenny has worked for over 40 years in the field of International health and Tropical medicine and has worked in Africa, Asia and Latin America…..His Doctoral work was conducted among the remote nomadic Turkana tribes of the Lokitaung area of North West Kenya. Dr Kenny has written many articles on tropical diseases and co-authored a book with Dr Graham Fry, “Travel in Health”. He is currently CEO of an International development organisation, VMM.