21 May

Public Lecture – Pt 3 – Dr. Graham Fry “Malaria: Treatment and Prevention”

Talks_Pt 3_Graham

18.30 – May 22nd

Public Lecture- Pt 3 – Dr. Graham Fry

“Malaria: Treatment and Prevention”

Following a full house at last weeks talk with Prof. Angus Bell at Malaria Museum, we are delighted to introduce the third in our series of public lectures given by Medical Director of TMB, Dr. Graham Fry who will discuss “Malaria: Treatment and Prevention”.

Dublin’s Pop-up Malaria Museum is open in TMB’s headquarters at the top of Grafton Street, 53. The Malaria Museum is a quirky experiential space, educating visitors with a variety of historical artefacts and interactive art works, continuing to generate awareness about the fight for its eradication.
All times will be listed on our facebook page.