14 Jul

The Malaria Museum Library

Malaria and Quinine, 1927, Bureau for increasing the use of Quinine
Buzzing Children, 1997, Damian Morgen
Malaria – A handbook for health professionals, 2007, Malaria Consortium
Essential Malariology, 2003, David Warrell and Herbert Gilles
Malaria, Gold & Opium, 1932, Frithiof Melzer
Mosquito, 2001, Andrew Spielman and MIchael D’Antonio
Malaria – The biography of a killer, 1949, Leon J. Warshaw
Quinine – Malaria and the Quest for a cure that changed the world, 2003, F. Rocco
The Malaria Capers, 1993, Robert S. Desowitz
The Making of a Tropical Disease, 2007, Randall M Packard
Mosquitos, Malaria and Man, 1978, Gordon Harrison
Malaria Fleckfieber Pest, Erwin Schimitschek & Günther T.Werner
75 Jahre Resochin im Kampf gegen die Malaria, Markus Jensen & Heinz Mehlhorn
Expeditionen ins Reich der Seuchen, Johannes W.Grüntzig & Heinz Mehlhorn

02 Mar

Dr Seuss on Malaria

The Malaria Museum has been given a copy (of a copy) of Dr. Seuss “This is Ann” booklet for US soldiers in the pacific in WW2 to warn them of the dangers of Malaria.

Thank you very much to Chris Fox.
We’re looking out for an original version …
Dr Seuss on Malaria

Dr Seuss on Malaria