Malaria Museum – Let’s Make Malaria History!

Opening night at the Malaria Museum, 25th April 2014 was a huge success, with three times the number of visitors expected. Being an educational organisation and exhibition space, we were delighted to hear visitors say, that they’d learned so much and would need to come back in order absorb fully all the entertaining and quirky information exhibited at the Malaria Museum.

With the successful launch of a series of public lectures given by Trinity professors who are specialist in the field of malaria, which continued generating awareness about the fight to eradicate malaria. All times where listed on our facebook page.

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MALARIA MUSEUM Dublin’s very own Pop-up Malaria Museum opened in TMB’s headquarters at the top of Grafton Street on 25th April 2014. The Malaria Museum is a quirky experiential space, educating visitors with a variety of historical artefacts and interactive art works.

While the pop-up museum coincided with World Malaria Day, on April 25th, making Dublin part of a Global conversation about malaria, the Malaria Museum website will remain a permanent virtual space to bring together the different voices from around the world that are working to end malaria.

To highlighting the vital work undertaken by different national and international organisations, we have invited Ireland’s visual artists to engage with topic creating the opportunity to use artistic expression in an informative and educational way, making the information more tangible to the general public.

A group of  talented Irish visual artists have collaborated with museum, developing concepts with understanding that the museum’s purpose is to embrace the artistic process and to educate the public by engagement with the visual arts. Growing the exhibition space into a virtual community where ideas can be generated, shared, and refined.

Through entertaining, fun and interactive exhibits, both physical and online, the museum will educate the visitor about the history of malaria, its importance as a disease, current efforts to control it and future prospects regarding its eradication. By also acting as an independent forum where people working on malaria can share their work, the museum will contribute to the control and eradication of the disease.

People of the Museum

Vanessa Breen has a with wide-ranging experience from her career in film and television, brand communication, and event organization. As museum director she came on board to head up a team of creatives who will make the museum a truly unique experience. Upholding the mission of the Malaria Museum to remain an independent space to bring together the different voices from around the world that are working to end malaria.

Marco Herbst is an entrepreneur born in Ireland, currently living in Berlin. As founder of the Malaria Museum, he has been collecting items and interviewing experts in the field of Malaria since 2008. It is his intention to bring together adequate talent, finance and enthusiasm to establish a museum  that will live up to and surpass the aims of the mission statement.

Curated by Aoife O’Sullivan

Featuring pieces by Fiona Byrne, Eileen Hutton, Leanne McLaughlin and Jimmy V. Zalkauskas. 

Photos by Louise Scott (http://disassembledublin.blogspot.ie/2014/04/happy-marlaria-day.html)

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