06 Dec

Dr. Seuss, This is Ann – a long time coming …

Finally ! 2 years and a couple of favours later, the Malaria Museum is now the proud owner of Dr. Seuss’ “This is Ann”.

After a tip-off from Chris in Rio de Janiero that the book existed and a photo copy of a photo copy to take home I began the hunt to get hold of a copy.

It hasn’t been easy on the Museum budget, but finally, with the further help of Lenore in the USA and Daniel in Ireland we have managed to get a great condition copy.

Thank you to those involved.

Check it out:

18 Apr

Long night of the Malaria Museum

On Sunday the 25th April, to commemorate World Malaria Day 2010,  we will celebrate the “Long night of the Malaria Museum”.

The invitation is open, please just send an email beforehand if you think you are coming.

There will be a colonial theme with some quinine containing drinks and a cucumber sandwich or 2  …

I look forward to seeing you,


26 Jan

DYK: Malaria was used as a cure for Syphillis

For a brief time malaria was used as treatment for tertiary syphilis because it produced prolonged and high fevers (a form of pyrotherapy). This was considered an acceptable risk because the malaria could later be treated with quinine, which was available at that time. This discovery was championed by Julius Wagner-Jauregg, who won the 1927 Nobel Prize for Medicine for his work in this area.